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At theFIX- Functional Therapy, we take great pride in providing the finest Holistic Programs  to our patients. By individually evaluating our patients we can design a complete 12 week  program to help our patients recover their health.  Our unique remote approach allows our patients to achieve their health goals and rebuild their health and vitality at their own pace, from the comfort of their home and much more affordably.  Learn more below:

Functional Medicine / Functional Nutrition Therapy

Take the guess work out of developing a successful nutritional program to rebuild your health or improve your vitality.  Utilizing the most up date scientific lab testing  available,  Dr. Price is able to analyze your metabolic status and determine where your body is out of balance or functioning sub-optimally.  Dr. Price will then design a custom program for your body and your condition.  Your program will consist of high quality whole food and herbal supplements as well as dietary modification and program design.  Dr. Price will not guess with your health- with periodic retesting of your labs, he will be able to determine if the success of your program and make necessary adjustments to achieve success!

Brain Based Exercise Program

Did you know that your brain controls and coordinates the function of every cell in your body?  Did you know that your brain is one of the most metabolically active organs in your body?  That's correct, using up to 30% of all the fuel created, your brain is an energy burning machine.  Therefore, it stands to reason, that since your brain controls everything that happens in your body and your brain needs a ton of fuel to accomplish this- if you have metabolic issues it can lead to lower brain function.  Dr. Price has designed a complete neurological rehab program to help you recover the function of your most vital system- your nervous system!

Remote Care Benefits:  No More Appointments

Our Remote Care Patients no longer have to waist time traveling to and from the Doctor's office and waiting to be seen.  Many patients were spending 60 to 90 minutes per appointment in our office, 2 to 3 times per week.  Now, with our Remote Treatment Program, our patients can regain their health at their convenience saving your most precious asset.....TIME.

Remote Care Benefits:  Affordability

Many of our patients in the past have paid between $5,000 and $10,000 for treatment.  While the benefits of health were definitely worth the cost, many prospective patients could not afford this type of treatment.  With our new Remote Care model, patients can receive their entire 12 week program at up to an 80% discount.  Making care much more affordable for many more patients!

Remote Care Benefits:  Move forward at your own pace

After a thorough evaluation of your case, Dr. Price will design a custom 12 week program for you.  This entire program will be delivered to you so that you can begin care and progress at your own pace.  Some patients like to complete their program in the recommended 12 weeks.  Some patients like to move slower and may take as long as they like to complete their program.  The beauty of working remotely is that you will receive your entire program at one time.  You can progress as quickly or slowly as you choose, and you will own your program forever, meaning you can repeat your program as often as you like and as often as needed.  You will have your personal tool kit to regain your health whenever and however you need it.....leading to a lifetime of health and vitality. 

Remote Care Benefits:  Support

You will receive unlimited email support during your 12 week program.  Phone consultations are also available upon request. 

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