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What to Expect

Functional Therapy- Laying the foundation for optimal health and vitality.

Functional Therapy has been developed in observation of the fact that in order to have optimal health, your body has to be optimally functioning in three key areas: 

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Key Area 1:  Brain Function

Your brain controls and coordinates the function of every cell in your body.  Its no wonder that brain function is critical to optimal health.  Unfortunately, you can begin to experience decreased brain function through many different mechanisms such as:  Trauma, Inactivity, Metabolic Disorders, Inflammation, Stress, etc.   During your evaluation at theFIX you will receive a full neurological evaluation to determine if your brain is functioning optimally, and if not, what areas of your brain are weak so that we can design a specific neurological Brain Based  protocol to restore your critical brain function! 

Key Area 2: Metabolic Function

In order for your body to carry out the control signals being sent from the brain, your nutritional and metabolic  status must be in good shape.  Thyroid dysfunction, blood sugar issues, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, liver challenges, and many more metabolic issues can inhibit your healing and destroy your health.  During your evaluation at theFIX your metabolic status will be analyzed utilizing questionnaires, lab testing, and detailed history review in order to help design your custom nutritional and supplemental program.  The best part is that since this is a Functional Medicine protocol using labs as our guide, there will be no guesswork in your program design.

Key Area 3:  Structural Alignment

In order for your brain to get its commands to your body for your body to carry out function, your spine must be aligned.  During your evaluation you will be structurally evaluated to determine areas of spinal misalignment so that your customized Functional Chiropractic program can be design to get you out of pain and back to optimal function.

Once we have evaluated our health status in these three areas, a detailed and customized plan will be designed for you in order to restore balance to your body and get you back to your life, full of passion and vitality.  We are here to help you reinvent your life!

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